080318 Thaikarl - monday, tuesday? what day is this?

now that we have broadband, it's easier to post pictures.  have a look in the picassa gallery.

i'm reminded of the FUGS song Nothing.  not that dreary, mind you, but the days are kind of blurred together.  have no idea what day of the week it is most of the time.  i get up after Tok does, have coffee and breakfast, read my book, check email, surf internet, take a shower and dress.  might be 11am, might be 1 pm by then.  in the afternoons, maybe i'll fix something - like the bedroom door that won't close, or a broken light, or mess with my shower thang - i did install a circuit breaker switch  up  underneath the roof.  i went to pull apart the plugs one day and got a little zap.  i don't like those 220 volt zaps.  I couldn't find a double pole double throw switch except for a circuit breaker switch, so i used one.  now there is for sure no electricity going to the plugs for the shower pump when the switch is off.- or maybe i'll take a nap or read some more. then it's lunch, then dinner, then night time again, shower and bed.  some days we goto to town to buy food and things. some days we goto the open market in the village. and that's pretty much it....

we are waiting for word from this housing area that the water and electric have been turned on. then we will make a trip down there to check on it, do the house inspection to see if they need to fix anything.  Tok has ambition to bring down some bedding and a few things to make the place start to be live able, kitchen stuff and the like.  THEN there will be something to do.  There are a zillion projects i could be working on around the house here, but they all pretty  much require buying materials and or tools, which has to wait till next time.

we're sliding into the hot part of the year. april is the hottest month in thailand, and there is little rain yet to bring relief.  dust and smoke inhabits the air.  at night,  when the cars go by on the big road, you can see the air in the headlight beams, like a thin fog.  the tobacco harvest and processing is pretty much finished.  they are going to grow corn in the  fields out back now.  and later, when the rains come, rice.  when it gets this warm in the afternoons, i'll start sweating.  the ceiling fan up here in the bedroom doesn't help much.  it just blows the hot air from beneath the roof down up you.  i find if i stay still, then that's what i'm going to continue to do-  languish.  the trick is to get up and get moving, then the tupor falls away and energy  for motion appears.  but first,  you  have to get over that hump, that hot gravity  that  makes you want to be just a lump in the hammock.  beats being cold, damp and wet anyday.  at least for me.

the late afternoons are delicious.  the big heat wafts away, the sun is softened by the haze it is falling into, and the light relaxes and becomes golden and coppery.  i love the tropics.

gorgeous the life!
Nu and Tok
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