08031 Thaikarl - meeting market, water and house pics and DSL!

several people asked for more pictures of the house.  i uploaded to the Picassa Gallery.  The name of the new  house is unsettled as of yet.  we have to go down there next week to get the inspection done, and make sure there water and electric are all hooked up.

monday night is the meeting marked in lomsak.  meeting markets are ad hoc markets that appear in towns and villages on a regular schedule.  the one in lonsak is in a big empty field next to the HomePro store.  the pickups full of merchandise show  up in the morning, set up tables, racks and covers, unpack all their stuff - cloths, glasess, household stuff, tools, jewlery, food.. everything.  the prices are usually a little lower than they are in town for pretty much the same stuff.  i talked Tok into going monday.  i've not gone  since i've been home, as it's easy to start spending money there.  but i had a plan for tok.  i  knew if i took her there she would see a shirt or dress that she really liked and i could get it for her.  if i told her "lets goto the  meeting market so i can buy you a dress" she wouldn't go, saying she didn't need anything.  so i said i wanted to get a cloth to wipe off my guitar strings - which i did need btw.

there was a bloom of ants that night.  zillions of flying ants swarming around the compact florescent lites they string up over the merchandise.  i mean hundreds of winged things shucking and fluttering around every  lamp.  gets in your face and hair.  we were looking at a new clock for downstairs and the lady nicely turned off the  lamp in front of us.  500 flying ants immediately swarmed 5 feet over to the next lamp.  some guys were standing in their booth with  electric fans, blowing the critters away with fan wind.  other nights, there are no bugs.  just depends on what's popping out to spawn that particular night.

tok did find a cute blouse, with color threads over white and sparkly things.  a whole $5.00 and i picked up a couple of other little things.  i told tok my trick for getting her there to buy something for  her.  she thought that was pretty silly.  but she wore the blouse the next day,and looked mighty cute in it.

warm today.  well, okay, it was kinda hot.  i was sweating even.  so what did i  do? go  out digging in the ditch of course.  had to move some of the muck out  of the channel, as our grey water from the sink and shower and all that drains out to the ditch - where the pond used to be.  but the slope wasn't right, and the water was backing  up some and getting a bit rotton.  so i dug out the slope in the little ditch to get the water down to the main ditch.

we went into tow later.  follow up appointment with the doctor at the clinic.  lots of people there ahead of us, so we did some 7-11 shopping for green bun and yogurt, and i walked  back to the clinic to wait while tok did the food shopping in the market.  when i finallay  saw the doctor, he listened to my breathing and told me he didn't hear any more wheezing, so i'm back on top again.  and he said, that because i was well now,  and he didn't have to prescribe any more medications that there was no charge for the visit.  imagine that.

it hasn't rained since i've been here.  one rain when we were in bangkok.  a big rain, killed some of the tobacco in the fields where the ground was low. but otherwise, dry here.  and with all the work on the road, grading, dirt dumping, cars and trucks diverted to the packed dirt sides of the road there is vast clouds of dust that rise in the air, and coat everything.  we don't usually open the windows of the house, because the dust gets in so much.  tok has to dust and mop every single day to try to keep up with it.  not good for her because she'll get hives and feel lousy if she gets to much dust.

and wonders of wonders! we got DSL broadband internet installed today! wooo hoo!  but it gets really warm up here in our bedroom house where the computer is, so you can't sit up here for  that long.  it's just nice to check mail and a bit of news and information without waiting and waiting for dial up or packet data connections.  and another monthly bill.
gorgeous the life!
Nu and Tok

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