080308 Thaikarl - a new house!

we have bought a house in south east thailand!  it's nothing fancy, or even that cool actually - but it's ours!
we had gone down to sattahip to visit some friends of Tok last month, and they told us about these houses.  they are a housing authority of  thailand project.  i didn't have the cash for the down payment and to hook up the utilities, but thanks to a generous wedding present from my dad and his wife, we closed the deal.

as you can see from the pictures, our house is one of several hundred, all alike: two bedrooms upstairs, bathroom, front room, porch, a little bit of dirt around the house, and a fence all round.  made of stucco, with jalousy windows.  does have running water tho.  some of  the residents have started fixing up their houses, putting in plants, grass, tile, walling in the porch to make another room, extending the porch with a roof to enlarge and shade the out door area.  all possibilities in the future.  i still have to finish fixing up our house her in lomsak.  still needs staining, we still have to climb a latter to get to our room etc....   all in good time.

one of the features of the house, well not the house exactly, but the location, is that the ocean is about 2km away!  and there is substantial town nearby, and a lot of other cool things to see and do in the area also.  for us it will be kind of a vacation/alternate house for us.  we can go down there to relax and goto the ocean.  tok has several friends in the greater area she can visit with.  we are not far from islands that promise some good places for scuba diving.

primary reason is it will be  a  disposable asset for  tok and i.  should anything happen to me, this house can be rented out or sold to provide tok and family some support.  for 12,000 dollars i couldn't buy an outhouse in the states.  secondary reason is it's close to the ocean.  did i mention it's close to the  ocean?  reason enough!  and should any of my friends and family like to adventure over here, they have a house to at little or no expense.

hmmm, so now i have to get back to the states to earn up the return travel expenses, the wedding next november, house payments, remodeling, minor furnishings for the new house and not to mention replacing my tired old van and and and.... no boredom in my future that's for sure!

Nu and Tok
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