20 Thaikarl toes in the ocean, life is terrible


all day on two buses brought us to Sihanoukville, the beach town in southern cambodia.


the usual crowing crowd of motor drivers were thrashing at the gates of the bus when we arrived.  one boy was pleasant and not pushy.  the kind i usually choose.  6000 reils ( 1.50) motobike ride and he took us to a guesthouse at the end of the southern beach.  8 dollars a night for a room with two beds - too expensive - were moving to a small room tomorrow.  but the sea is 100 yards away across the road, and the sun was just going down.

very nice.

a long, un-crowded beach, lined with restaurants and beach chairs, gentle surf, bilious clouds, pale orange sunsetting.  Tok and i walked along the waters edge to the far end. we had some fresh grilled squid from one of the beach ladies that carry a charcoal grill on one end of a bamboo stick over their shoulder, sauces and supplies in a basket on the other end. yummy.  stopped and sat in some chairs and enjoyed a fruit sake while Tok amused me with stories of her early teaching days - sneaking back into school after the 8pm curfew after they'd been to the movies.  living on 25 USD a month, bringing rice to the border soldiers near cambodia and seeing communist guerrillas thru binoculars...

this end of cambodia is much greener, the people seem better off.  their houses are better.  there's even a range of mountains we drove thru to arrive at the coast.

very very nice.

going broke tho.  oh well.  four days hotel, with breakfasts and water in siem riep came to 38.50 USD.  for two people.  food and things are more expensive in cambodia, lodgings are cheaper than thailand.  If we were in europe, 38 dollars wouldn't even cover 1/2 day.  nor would it in the states for that matter.  we have a few days here. gonna rent a motorbike and sport around some.
wish you were  here.


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