18 Thaikarl Angor Wat


its nice and toasty here in Siem Riep Cambodia.  Tok and i went on our first day of 3 days touring the temples.  i was here last year, and it is still just as amazing and marvelous.  Tok is really impressed also.  the three day pass is $40.00 USD.  when the gate person came up, they were only talking to me.  they gave tok funny looks when she produced a photo for a pass.  they asked her where she is from, and she told them thailand.  only after the deal was done did we realize that they thought she was cambodian - and didn't need to buy a pass.  if we would have just kept quiet, it would have been 40.00 for my pass instead of 80.00 for two passes.  ouch.  we could have lived on 40.00 for 3 days.  next time we'll know.....

but Tok is a little bit baffled that they start talking to her in khmer.  she understands as much as i do. which is nuttin.  i keep kidding Tok, telling her that now she knows how I feel most of the time. tee hee.

after a day in the hot sun climbing around piles of rocks, i lured us into getting a massage.  from the blind massage people called "Seeing Hands"  $4.00 for an hour.  oh, so very very nice!

packing it in early tonight folks... heading out temple traipsing at 9:00 am.  photos and more details to follow.


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