13 Thaikarl - not so lazy in lom sak

managed to get out to the internet cafe for a moment.  i'm busy around the house, wiring in switches and fixing lights, trying to figure out who's who in the chicken flock next door, entertaining the neighborhood kids.  yesterday (and today) i'm following Tok around as she does things with Jamlong who owns the beauty shop Tok works at.  we drove all round the country, looking for a house where they are havning a wedding.  Jamlong and Tok did the brides hair and makeup.  last evening we got in the back of the pickup and went up into the mountains.  Tok and jamlong put together a rose and flower archway for the wedding up there today.  and this afternoon we're going back up to do the brides makeup and we'll stick around for the party.  they like weddings here.  big affairs - more about celebration than extravagance.  should be interesting.  i'll be the only farang amongst several hundred thai's.  Tok waited around for me for hours and hours while i was in school.  now it's my turn.  and i'm diggin it.
10 days till we goto Holiday in Cambodia!
my epitaph will be:   Oh Well....
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