Building the Giant Budda

my wife sent me some photos of the construction of a giant budda.  they are building it beside the road somewhere in Petchaboon - which is good sized town 25 minutes away from our house.  Petchaboon is the seat of our province of... Petchaboon.

as you can see, while the head of the statue is on the ground, many people have come to apply little squares of gold leaf to the face.  one of the many ways to show respect and make merit.  by giving away something precious - gold - you are making a bit of merit for your life.

I hope i can get home for the dedication ceremony.  that will be an event!
click the image below to goto the gallery of photos.

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  1. The Giant Buddha Head is a tourist spot for both Buddhist and non-Buddhist alike. Some pay pilgrimage to the area so they can be close to the Buddha.


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