100308 Thaikarl - going home again, at last


finally got the funds together. i'm going home to thailand april 4th. i have a three month ticket, but if the cash runs out, i'll have to book back earlier. i've had a lot of things going on the last four months that enabled this trip. i am soooo looking forward to seeing my wife and her mother and her daughter, our house(s), and everything! looking forward to the HEAT- april is the hottest month in thailand, the food, showering outside, working on the house, going to town, going to the markets, seeing the neighboors, meeting new friends, the bugs, the geko's, the motorbike, our cats, ... need i go on. it's been 8 long months. it has been an El Nino year in seattle, so quite warm and dry... for winter here, so it's not been too bad, but nothing like home.

i have a 23 hour layover in Seoul korea before flying on to bangkok. strange i know, but it means i get to overnight there and look around some more. tok and i would like to holiday in korea. may not this time, but sometime. it costs almost as much for her to fly to korea round trip as it does for me to fly seattle to bangkok!

in the meantime, whilse i've been counting the days, i've been hanging out a little:

(yes, that's me up there)

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  1. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Try www.jinair.com $450 round trip from Seoul to Bangkok. I just took the flight. It's actually a little cheaper to travel Bkk-Incheon-BKK
    Best of luck.


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