080414 Thaikarl - departure time, for now anyway.

i'ts that time.  i dread these days.  departure days.  tok has been quiet the last couple of days.  i always think she is annoyed with me, but now i'm knowing that she is feeling the pre-seperation also.  we take the early bus to bangkok tomorrow morning, do a few   last minute things, night over at our favorite bangkok hotel 99 and i fly out middle of the next day.  due to flying east, crossing the dateline and all that, i arrive in seattle the same day i left, at nearly the same time, but some 22 hours will  have past.

thanks to everyone who replied to my long essay about home.  i didn't realize it was that long until i printed it  out for tok to read on the bus tommarow.

i sure made a mis-calculation on the departure time.  because i had some jobs to finish, i delayed my original travel dates by one week.  not an issue on the going away time, but i am leaving right at the Sonkran holiday.  Songkran is the thai new year, and a time when traditionally they honored the old people, and sprinkled water on each other to celebrate the new year and coming rains.  now it's turned into the biggest water fight in the world.  still great fun, but getting doused with water all day gets wearysome.  we don't have the energy  to do much with it this year.  the butterfly gang- what i call the kids from the neighboorhood set up beside the road and were dousing passing cars and motorbikes with bowels of water.  they waved me over, but, i had to collect my things, and wasn't up for it.  oh well, next year!  i should have setback the trip by two weeks, or even just 10 days.  duh.

there was a significant event last night, the death of a neighbor.  it was  so intense, i don't want to compose the story in a hurry- we have to go get the car to the bus station - so i'll write it up and send it later.  actually, i have plenty of  material for more posts.  we had  some adventures that i didn't write about yet- our first trip  to rayong, going to the budda footprint mountain, going to tak bun, where some boys  entered the monastery, the water blessing by the Lang chong.  and i  took some 2500 photos, only a  few of which i posted.  so i'll keep posting over time.  until i can return here.

i will have a little time to check in before i leave tomorrow.

Nu and Tok
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