070611 Thaikarl - what a mess... everywhere it seems

they started putting up the upright beams on the new room today!  Boon and his helper have been spending the last 4 days planing down each board with a hand power plane, and cutting the notches for beams and braces.  Pix are in the house building gallery.
and a new bug in the gallery.  and just some prettyness after the rain last evening.
i've been slowed down with some intestinal bug last few days.  nothing major, just weakens me and keeps me near the ban nam (water room)  there is lots for me to do, electrical, concrete, waterfall building, ... some list.  it will all get done. 
meanwhile, everything is a mess, everywhere.  there is lumber and tools all over the yard, paper cement sacks, debris, concrete tailing's, and pretty much the same inside the house also.  by the time it's all done, i'll have to come back to USA to get back to work again!!  oh well.
today Tok has a few massage clients in town.  she came in before me on the motorbike.  i put a Tee in the 2 inch drain pipe behind the house and fit a side pipe to the new concrete drain pad we made.  now we have a place to put our new sink.  we didn't like the store-bought sink stands, so we bought a plastic sink basin, with a drain-hose and stopper.  we took that to a man in the village who makes things from metal, and he welded up a simple four-legged stand, with a frame to drop the sink basin into.  cost 200 baht ($6.00) for the frame.  then tok and i took scrap strips of wood from the stack and make a drainboard next to the sink, and two slatted shelves underneath for pots and mortars.  the whole thing came out much better than the store bought one, and we saved more than a thousand baht.  when i got the Tee in place, i showered and dressed up and took the Car into town.  There are orange pickup trucks with two rows of seats in the bed that go back and forth all day between Lomsak and Phetchabun.  kind of a local shuttle service.  they just call it "taking a car"  even tho they are trucks.  they call them Song theow  which means Two Row (of seats).  15 baht (50cents) gets me from the house to lomsak which is about 8 km.  so i've got to spend a little time in the Internet shop today.
now we are going to the burning of a person who died at the temple.  a friend of Toks husband i think.  so i had to dress up today.
Nu and Tok
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