Why I am in Thailand Jan-Apr 2006

I left out the part about why i came to thailand this trip. Briefly, here it is:

Last year, when i arrived in bangkok i had a warm feeling of "home". withing a few days, i decided that this is where i want to live. but, in order to live here, you have to have a source of income, and a reason for a visa. teaching english is one way of doing that. so i resolved to find out how to do this.

after much research, i discovered a teacher training program in seattle, another in vancouver canada, and one here in bangkok. the price for the course and attendant living was the same. expensive tuition in seattle, less expensive in vancouver, but i'd have to live there a month, and cheapest in bangkok, but i'd have to buy a plane ticket. of the three places, which was the logical choice? duh.

so i am attending school in bangkok for one month.

after that, i'm on holiday. we'll be going to cambodia for my visa run (have to leave the country after my 60 visa expires. i'll get another 30 visa on re-entry) and i'll be hanging out with the family up in lom sak.

it is good. but first i have to get through school!

i would love to stay here and look for a teaching job, but i have to pay off a few things back in the USA. I have 30 years of accumulated "stuff" to divest myself of- motorcycles, guitars, computer and band gear. all of that will take a little time. especially paying off the card companies. i don't want to be paying VISA bills on a teachers salary. i can start teaching after i get back. i have seen a number of jobs go by on the listings in seattle. i will be able to earn a little money teaching, and more importantly, i'll be able to acquire some experience that will be helpful when i look overseas.

all in good time.

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  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    best wishes to you, Karl, sounds like you are going to make it to the jungle for good one day!


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