09 thaikarl - oops again. school. sigh.


into the evening on friday night. finished the third week of school and did terrible on my teaching practice today.  "not to standard" as is is posted.  we have to teach demomstrating the proscribed methods, and i "just don't get it".... yet.  sometimes when i'm learning new things i have to go through this fuzzy-wuzzy period where everything is al confused and i havn't a clue where to go or what to do.  eventually, i will have that "oh! I get it!" moment and i'm off.  trouble is, we don't have the time to wait long for that moment.  i have one more teaching practice on tuesday, so if i do 'right' on that one i'm okay.  if not... well.    as in "oh well"  but i'll spend the whole weekend working on it and the others in my group are quite sympathetic and helpful.  eef.

but it's fun anyway.  long days:  i arrive at the school building 8:00am or earlier.  class schedules from 9am - 6pm, some days i don't leave the building until 7 or- 8pm, and saturday and sundays are working days also.  every day, working on things or in class, or photocopying.  we have an hour and a half lunch period, but its more like 15 minutes to eat something, have a smoke and back to papers.  and poor tok - she waits and waits and waits for me. every day. without complaint.



ThaiBit:  they use what we would call toilet paper for food table napkins etc.  even have round dispensers with a hole in top to dispense the paper like kleenex.  IF you find paper in the restroom, its for drying yourself after you wash with a hose.  you put the paper in the wastebin, not in the toilet.
my epitaph will be:   Oh Well....
i am in thailand at the moment. to be added or deleted from my travelogue, send request to this address.

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