140910 Boatcation 2014 02

friends,  we've been "stuck" in friday harbor for two days.  we decided to do some work on the boat that we just didn't have time for in the last... year (!)  of course, this means 14 trips to the hardware store, and the grocery, and the parts store and...  we've been tieing up to a mooring ball at night, in a small cove south of friday harbor.  we call it "Happy Harbor"  there is a "Poop Dock" out there, and "Buoy Island".  there is a de-masted sailboat nearby.  the guy came over in a dingy the other day and said a few peculiar things to us and left.  we call him "Jammer" and have invented all sorts of horrible stories about him.  all of this i can explain more next wifi, as i have to get back to the boat, or we'll never get out of here today and jeff bought 200$ worth of fishing gear to try to live the fantasy of actually catching fish.  have to get around san juan island by high tide this evening.


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