130927 Thaikarl - Mexico! 01 The adventure begins, again


long time no hear eh?  i'm back south. In San Diego at the moment.  I've joined a boat called Dawn Treader.  Sailing tomorrow (if hurricane Raymond isn't a delay) on the Baja Ha Ha XX

s/v Dawn Treader

the baja ha ha Halloween party and cookout is starting in a few minutes at West Marine San Diego.  I'll be walking up the road to join the group.

I haven't been home to Thailand in over a year and a half.  what would ordinarily be my travel money all went to help cover my step-daughters university costs.  she's in a nursing program in Bangkok.  I desperately miss home.  i'm hoping to get far enough ahead to pop over for a short visit mid-winter.  Koi Du ("we'll see" in thai)

This should be interesting.  I'm on a boat i've never been on, with 3 other sailors i've just met, potentially going into some exciting weather, with no clear exit plan for getting back to seattle.  We're moving to the anchorage this afternoon, so i'll be offline for 3-4 days until turtle bay.  i'll let yall know how it went.


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